All About Blast Party Rentals,

Serving all of Maine and New Hampshire

Blast Party Rentals started nearly 10 years ago with the goal of providing high-quality, unique party inflatable rentals to customers throughout Maine and New Hampshire.  We're proud to be a family owned company.  We're also proud of our tremendous growth in a short period of time due to superior customer service, a 100% on-time delivery record, as well as a personal interest in each and every event we serve.

When you have a delivery from Blast Party Rentals, your delivery staff might just be a member of the family - Dad, Mom, and the three boys still work very hard to make sure that all the equipment is cleaned, tested, and ready for use!  (You might even get to meet one of our four dogs...)  We are proud to have our whole family involved, and we love to travel all over Maine and New Hampshire to deliver bounce houses, waterslides, and other inflatables to all types of parties from birthday celebrations to graduation parties to corporate outings.  

In addition to our family, we also have a hard-working, dedicated staff of full time workers - many of them alumni of our local high school and all of them trained to provide you with a seamless party rental experience.

Since we are a family owned company with children of our own, we have a personal interest in making sure that your occasion is truly unforgettable! Our years of experience facilitating top-notch events, combined with your input will help create an event that you can truly be proud of!

Our mission is to provide you with peace about how your event is going to be handled, joy at the success of your event, and a love for our services that will keep you coming back year after year! We will help create lasting memories of your event through our personal service, professionalism and commitment to excellence.

We understand that our culture is becoming increasingly busy, and our service can bring much-needed peace of mind to the event planning experience, whether it is a backyard party, or a large scale event. BLAST Party Rentals -We Bring the FUN!